All Saints Philosophy of Church and Youth & Children’s ministry

Here is an overview of the All Saints philosophy of church and youth & children’s ministry.

This first page is simplified into sound bites that cover the broad brush strokes of the philosophy with an emphasis on the practical implications. The following page contains a graph that attempts to explain the philosophy for visual learners, followed by an explanation. For those who would still like more, the remaining two pages expand on the sound bites below with more detail and an explanation of what they mean. Much of the theological jargon has been omitted from this document but it is still nevertheless theological in that all philosophy and practice is based on a theological understanding.

You will probably not find anything here which is new or extraordinary, this is something that has been developing (and still is) at All Saints for the last 8 years and in conversation with PEC these last 3 years. If you’ve been at All Saints these last 8 years then you will notice the changes that have been progressively made as the philosophy has developed. Most notably, the rearrangement of the 10:00am  service so that children and adults have the opportunity to sing together, hear the Word of God read aloud, hear the Word of God taught together (Kid’s talk) and pray together (this is why we have a “kid’s prayer” after the kid’s talk), the Salt youth service once a term, and the opportunities for young people to serve in the regular 10:00am service are all result of this developing philosophy.

pdf-whateverAll Saints Petersham Philosophy of Church and Youth & Children’s Ministry (868KB)

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