In recent decades All Saints has experienced a significant turn around under God’s gracious hand. To tell our story as an analogy, you could say: ‘All Saints was on the operating table with the paddles applied to keep us alive. Thankfully, there was a pulse, and over the last decade or so we’ve moved to the recovery bay, to the general ward, through rehab and now we are in a much stronger and healthier position as we leave the hospital doors behind.’

What’s next then? In one sense, it is the same as we have been, namely we are to be the church of God, gathered around Christ and his Word, living lives of love and service for the benefit our church and of our Inner West Community, all done by the power of the Holy Spirit. In other words, we keep preaching Christ, we keep on living out the gospel.

To do this we organise ourselves around three main ministry objectives:

  • Connect Ministries: We aim to connect with our community and connect them to God.
  • Grow Ministries:  The objective being to make our ministries the best possible avenues to grow people in their faith.
  • Serve Ministries: The  intent is for each church member to serve in at least one ministry inside our church and one other in our community.

We hope and pray, through these three avenues we can glorify God together, and inspires Christians in the area to join us in this task.