On behalf of everyone at All Saints, we are delighted to hear of your intended marriage.

At All Saints we would like to assist you with preparing for the life-long commitment of marriage and want to do all we can to make your Marriage Service a meaningful and happy occasion. To do this, it is our custom to speak with couples on 4 to 6 occasions prior to their wedding.  This gives us the opportunity to work through material that will help you prepare for your marriage and the wedding service itself.

One tool we like to use is the ‘Prepare-Enrich’ assessment tool ( It is very useful to helping couples thing through various aspects of their relationship, discerning both strengths and growth areas. The minister will guide you through this process which has a $42 fee.

We would also like to you consider regular attendance with us at one of our meetings on Sundays. The congregations very much consider themselves to be involved in all the activities of the church including marriages. They are keen to meet and get to know you. Furthermore, in the past couples have found this of great support and encouragement.

What happens next?

The first step is for you to please come to one of our Sunday church services (8am, 10am, or 6pm) to meet the minister, Ben Gray, and have an informal chat and to take a look around the church. Ben will discuss with you wedding dates and other arrangements. Please download the Couple & Wedding Details Form which you should complete and give to Ben when you come on the Sunday.  If you decide All Saints is where you would like to hold your Ceremony, Ben will arrange a time for a more formal sit-down meeting.  At that meeting with the minister you will be given a “Notice of Intended Marriage”. This should not be filled in more than six months before the Wedding and when completed should be returned to the Minister, together with the Birth Certificates for both parties. These documents must be in the Minister’s hands at least ONE MONTH before the Wedding. The bride and bridegroom should ensure that they have an appointment with the Minister for a rehearsal at which point you will make your “Declarations”.

There are certain fees to defray some service and expense items. These are set below. It should also be noted that All Saints has firm rules about the use of the building, e.g. flowers, music, confetti, photography, filming, videotape recording, alcohol. Please discuss these matters with the minister.

We wish you God’s richest blessing in your future together.

All Saints Petersham

Download Wedding Form

Weddings at the Church of All Saints Petersham

  1. Flowers: Would you please note the following details about flowers for your Wedding. The cost of flowers for the church has not been factored into the overall wedding costs and all arrangements are your responsibility.  Should you wish to have flowers or bows hanging on the pews, then please advise us of your intentions (we have a limited selection of vases and bows which can be made available to you). We request that these items be removed immediately after the wedding. Please note that there are sometimes other weddings on the same day, on such an occasion it would be simplest to negotiate with the other wedding party one set of flower arrangements.
  2. Cost and Payment: The fee for a wedding in 2017 is $1250. This includes use of the building, minister fees, verger and other sundry costs. These amounts should be paid to the Church by cheque or direct credit, due 60 days before the Marriage Service.
  3. Seating Capacity: The seating capacity of the church is approximately 300 (comfortably); up to 400 with some standing. However, due to the layout of the church groups of 50 or more fit the feel of the building quite well.
  4. Hall Hire: Couples are increasingly providing light refreshments for all their guests who are not invited to the reception. Our hall and lawn may be hired for this purpose. Although we are not a reception center our hall works well for this purpose. We do not cater or clean after these functions and this will be your responsibility and a condition of hire. We do however recommend Sam from (0418 482 766) as an excellent caterer who knows our facilities. All rubbish form your event is to be collected and removed on the day and any rubbish left behind will insure a fee.

    There are modern male and female toilets with a baby change table available as well as a small kitchen. The kitchen is suitable for heating and serving work but not for cooking in large numbers.

    Lightweight fold away tables are available as well as 50x outdoor chairs and 50x indoor (only) chairs.

    Alcohol may not be served at these events. However speak with the minister should you wish to use champagne for the toast.

    The cost of lawn and hall hire is $600 for up to 6 hours (including setup and pack up hours). As a courtesy to our neighbours the event must be finished by 11pm.

    If you would like to use only the lawn you may do so for up to 2 hours for a cost of $200. Again, all clean up needs to be done by your group.