Human Sexuality

slider_PWEERAKOONPatricia Weerakoon is a medical doctor turned Sexologist and Writer.
She will be delivering two seminars at All Saints Petersham on

Sunday September 13th beginning at 9:00am.

Those seminars are titled:

  • ’Living with Sexual Integrity’ and
  • ‘Sex, Gender and Identity’
Living with Sexual Integrity

A life of sexual integrity requires a Bible based rather than world based sense of identity, including sexual identity. Building on this is an understanding of Gods plan for a redeemed model of sex and sexuality, and the ability to understand and critique unhealthy world views on sex. Christians of all ages and all relational states need to live a life of sexual integrity and demonstrate it to a fallen world.

In this workshop Patricia Weerakoon, a Christian sexologist and author will explore the neurochemistry and biology of desire love and bonding, and provide a Biblical framework for healthy sexuality that could be used to critique current cultural and social mores.

Sex, Gender and identity

In her presentation, Patricia seeks to harmonise, three different perspectives on sex and gender identity – medical, social, and evangelical-theological – in the hope that a model of gender identity informed by all three will lead to holistic well-being both personally as well as socially and pastorally.

There will be an introduction to the Biblical-theological perspective of gender being an aspect of being embodied images of our creator God.

She will review the fourfold classification of gender, sexuality and identity which is currently used in secular medical research: (1) biological sex; (2) gender identity; (3) sexual orientation; and (4) gender expression.

And discuss the contemporary assumption that gender and sexual identity is a radically malleable personal choice, and the related societal trend towards redefining gender as a spectrum with no normative connection to one’s embodied biology or socio-cultural moral norms.

This presentation will conclude by bringing these three perspectives into mutually enriching conversation and challenge.

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