1st October, 2018

It was a great encouragement to hear from the book of Philemon on Sunday and be challenged by Peter Orr to consider whether our Christian relationships are effective. Do we see each other as family and partners in the gospel? It was timely having just spent five weeks thinking about the nature of church.

So this week as you think about the forgiveness, love, obedience, and partenrship of effective Christian lives, why not reflect over the past month and consider your own attitude and actions when it comes to church.

Am I committed to the gathering of God’s people? Am I committed to serving in the body of Christ? Am I pursuing holiness as the bride of Christ? Am I committed to growing in the building of Christ? Am I committed to loving others as the family of Christ?

Enjoy some slow time this long weekend and have a coffee and pray about these things, not just for yourself but for our church as a whole.

In Gospel Partnership