We want to be the kind of church whose faith makes a real difference. One small yet effective way we can do this at All Saints is through practically caring for the local community. Our prayer is that no one in need will go unassisted. To this end we have a range of ministries which come under the banner “Hub of Hope”.

Some of the Hub of Hope ministries include:

  • Community dinner: Every Wednesday night of the month we hold a free community dinner at 6:00pm.
  • Community BBQ lunch: Every Thursday we hold a free BBQ lunch from 12:00pm in our community garden on the church grounds.
  • Anglicare Mobile Pantry Van: Every second Thursday, 1:30pm.
  • Free internet access: 4 laptop computers are set up at the community lunch and dinner times so that people can access services through the internet (e.g. check email, contact Centrelink, apply for jobs, or just surf!). Help is available for those who need an introduction or assistance with computers and the internet.
  • Freezer meals: The members of All Saints cook a little extra dinner, freeze it in a take away container (available at church) and place it the in the church freezer. The meals are then given to any in need who contact the church, whether they be those who are poor or cash strapped, or others are in a particularly difficult phase of life.
  • Hot Food roster: The people of All Saints also operate a ‘hot food’ meals roster which is regularly implemented for those who have had babies, but is also available for people in other circumstances where regular cooked meals would be of help.