God wants you to be a wrestler!

According to wrestlingname.com my wrestling name is “Grizzly Giant”… I don’t know how it works it out but if I put my full name in it changes to “Nature Boy Hellfire”! To be honest, I’m not that impressed by either of those so I think my pro wrestling debut may have to go on hold Read more about God wants you to be a wrestler![…]

Memory Verse Song: Romans 8:38-39

Here are the memory verse songs we did as a group on Sunday night (29/08/2010). It’s Romans 8:38-39 sung to the TV theme songs of ‘Home and Away’ and ‘Masterchef’! Download the Masterchef version as an mp3 here: mem_verse_romans_8_38-39_masterchef Download the Home and Away version as an mp3 here: mem_verse_romans_8_38-39_home&away


This year the talks at KYCK 2010 are going to be from the book of Ecclesiastes. You know… that obscure OT  book that seems really depressing and confusing… the one which you don’t hear about except when someone quotes Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 or 4:9-12 totally out of context (and usually at a wedding)… Hopefully that’s not Read more about Ecclesiastes[…]

10 Words to Live By… Command 3

Command #3 “You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God, for the LORD will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name.“ There are more ways to misuse God’s name than just swearing, and perhaps the most serious way to misuse God’s name is to misrepresent God. Think of all those people who have Read more about 10 Words to Live By… Command 3[…]