How to make the most of Salt Youth Ministry

We know Christian parents & carers are anxious that their children know and trust Jesus as Lord, and continue to become more like Jesus in their values, choices, priorities, attitudes, and service of others. We desire to see this for young people as well, and we recognise that God has graciously given us a Christian Read more about How to make the most of Salt Youth Ministry[…]


This year the talks at KYCK 2010 are going to be from the book of Ecclesiastes. You know… that obscure OT ¬†book that seems really depressing and confusing… the one which you don’t hear about except when someone quotes Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 or 4:9-12 totally out of context (and usually at a wedding)… Hopefully that’s not Read more about Ecclesiastes[…]

X3 Watch accountability on the net

Internet Accountability Software: Here is some free accountability software to download for your computer. It’s called x3watch and it’s from a Christian ministry called x3church. There is also a “pro”version of x3watch which you can pay for, but the free version will do the job. The software works by alerting an accountability partner if you Read more about X3 Watch accountability on the net[…]