Jesus is the bread of life

A recap of the youth group bible teaching from Sunday August 3rd 2008.

John 6:25-71. Jesus teaches that he is the bread of life.

Overview: In the book of John is packed full of metaphors about Jesus (ie. Jesus is the word, the light of life, the temple, the shepherd, the gate etc…) and John loves using metaphors for almost everything! (ie. the water of life, the Spirit like a dove etc…) John does this to help show us what things are like. And in John 6 the metaphor is that Jesus is the bread of life.

Jesus has just performed a miracle in feeding the 5000 men and has just walked on water during the night time, and we pick up the story when the crowd has chased after Jesus and caught up with him in Capernaum. But the crowd is chasing after Jesus not because he performed a miracle (sign) but because they were thinking about their stomachs (v26)! They want Jesus to keep feeding their physical needs so that they wont have to keep working for food (why would you when Jesus can feed you for free!). But Jesus has something else in mind.

Jesus is not a genie in a bottle that exists to give us everything what we want. Jesus has come to give us what we need… and what we need is the bread of life. It’s not physical bread, it’s (suprise, suprise) a metaphor!

Jesus says “I am the bread of life” (v35) and this bread is what will give eternal life (v33, 35,40). But the crowd misses the point… they’re still thinking of their stomachs and they’re looking for eternal satisfaction in something that wont last. Jesus can keep giving them bread to eat everyday but eventually they will die. Instead Jesus shows them that there is bread to eat that is more important.

Verses 53-58 are really the key verse for this passage. This is where Jesus shows us that the bread he is talking about is really a metaphor for a relationship with him. This is where eternal satisfaction is found. It’s a bit gross telling people to eat your flesh and drink your blood, but this is a creative way of saying “you need to live off me”, (v56) “Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me, and I in them”.


  • Where are you looking for eternal satisfaction?

There are lots of things that can give you satisfaction now (winning a footy game, finishing a good book, a nice meal…), but all these things don’t last… What is going to give you satisfaction that will never end?

Jesus said “Your ancestors ate manna (bread) and died, but whoever feeds on this bread will live forever.” (v58).

  • Are you in a relationship with Jesus?
  • Do you 

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