Judges Cycle

Judges is one of the most graphic books in the Bible. It’s full of cool and gory stories that are full of humour, but… it’s also a very sad story of continued rebellion against God’s goodness despite his repeated loving care, concern, and deliverance from evil.

The book of Judges narrates the period of history after Israel has entered the promised land and their leader Joshua has since passed away. it’s a story that starts full of promise but slows travels in a downward spiral that presents major atrocities against God and people.

It provides a warning to us about complacency, and reminds us of the duty we have to pass on God’s revelation of himself to our family and community.

Here is a diagram of the cycle in Judges.

1 thought on “Judges Cycle

  • I was reading Psalm 106 this week and noticed that it follows a similar cycle as it recounts the history of the Israelites rebelling against God- worshipping idols, inter-marrying,shedding innocent blood, sacrificing their sons and daughters….etc,etc…and the pattern of God punishing them, hearing their cries and rescuing them for his name sake and for their sake…. again and again…

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