6 thoughts on “Props 22/02/2009

  • Well… i was just being nice to the other groups… if i had tried it would of been slack.

  • Ha ha that’s brilliant, can’t believe I missed that 😛 I love how you can hear Matt and Jacob laughing in the background 🙂

  • Ok so i did this on facebook…but forgot to put it here
    Heres the list of stories we did:
    1. Parable of the Sower
    2. David and Goliath
    3.Jesus’ Birth
    4. Moses turns staff into snake (BEST EVER)
    5. “Let my people go”
    6. Cain and Abel
    7. Jesus feeds 5000
    8. Jesus turns water into wine
    9. Parting the R…ed sea
    10. Satan Tempts Eve
    11. Joseph and the multicoloured coat
    12. Judas Hangs himself
    14. Mary Washing Jesus’ Feet
    15. Jesus’ Crucified
    16. Water from the Rock
    17. Jesus heals a lame man
    18. All of the Plagues at once
    19. Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of Salt
    20. Parting the Red Sea (again)
    21. Jesus turns water into wine (again)
    22. Zacchaeus in the tree
    23. Jesus Heals a blind man
    24. Ehud is killed
    25. Build a house on Rock or Sand?
    26. Baby Moses found
    27. King Solomon and the baby conflict
    28. Cain and Abel (again)

    K Enjoy

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