Salt Youth Ministry 2008 Video

It’s finally here!!

The Salt youth ministry 2008 video! Really it’s just a short video to show some of what we’ve been getting up to this year at Salt.


P.S. Notice Jordon is looking a bit older these days…

If you would like your image in this video removed, please contact Mike by clicking the contact tab in the top right corner.

50 thoughts on “Salt Youth Ministry 2008 Video

  • Some of the effects and transitions didn’t come out as well on Youtube, but I’ll show you the full quality version at Salt on Sunday.

  • YAY!YAY!YAY!YAY!……ahhhh this is reaallllllllyyyyyyyy good mike….thanks for putting it up…..its awsome…..yay

  • Totally love it mike!
    can you post the original apache jump on it?
    just the normal one please?
    my friends dont believe me that we got the entire youth group in on it lol

  • I’m in that video for like 5 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m so sad ='(

  • umm … is anyone else having problems with the new SALT video? for some reason i can no longer access it … it says “this video is no longer avaliable” … hmm ….

  • ok it’s working again now … not sure what happened there before, i got on the page and the thingy was black. but all good now!

  • Sams Quiz 2
    as you would have all finished your end of year exams, its time for some more, you will get an awesome prize if you get over 80%…
    1)What is the name of Paul Kelly’s new album?
    2)Do you have a bad heart condition?
    3)what is a canoe?
    4)did Patrick ever look like a lady wombat?
    5)do you think that an American engine in an Australian car is a bad idea?
    6)Should Isabella Swan marry a wer-wolf or a vampire?
    7)would Billy Black look better in a body bag?
    8)How many chromosomes in a normal human?
    9)what is my favorite colour?
    10)why did you waste you time doing this Quiz?
    actually i lied, you only get a prize if you get over 110%, which is impossible šŸ˜€

  • 1) how am i supeosed to know, i dont even know who paul kelly is sam???????
    3)a boat that u padle aroung in, its good for lakes and stuff like that, and it is shapped like a big skinny almond
    4) not at all:P
    5)again how am i suposed to know about cars sam, they just get me to school each day and thats enough knowledge about cars for me……oh and they have an engine…and mine is silver, thats about the extent my brain can reach on the topic
    6)VAMPIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Edward in particular though
    7)no i love billy black…..hes awesome
    8)23?????…..thats a random guess everyone so if im way off dont laugh at me….
    10)because i wanted the prize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i think you only got 20%, and those questions were based on your opinion, and Paul Kelly is the best australian Singer/Songwriter+rock artist, he is a legend!!! but i forgive you for not knowing him, only because you like billy, he is a pretty good dad…
    lol šŸ˜€
    lty (laugh to yourself) (i know, im really lame šŸ˜› )

  • Ok sam…heres my attempt for you:
    1)No clue…dont really care
    2)No but my dad does
    3)The thing you get in before you fall in the water
    4)Yes im sure he did…considering he got chased by one
    5)sure why not
    6)I dont care because she is pathetic and needy…if it was up to me i would marry an extremely good looking were-wolf
    7)i have no idea what you mean by Billy black is cool
    8)forty something…42?
    9)no clue…green? blue? pink?
    10)Because its better than doing history work

    and i expect a prize regardless thank you very much =]

  • Beth you are the first one to get question 5 right, and i think you made the right decision with question 6 as well, congratulations!!!
    but you cant guess three colours and get it right, but one of the colours is right…

  • 1)can i cheat for this one…? is it Stolen Apples?
    2)i will if i find out edward cullen is real
    3)something that drowns me everytime i use it. just ask beth
    4)not that i recall. but i could ask his mum
    6)neither cuz she doesnt deserve them. however, id be happy to take either for her
    7)baha umm prob šŸ˜›
    8)46 isnt it…?
    9)blue.. how am i ment to know!
    10)cuz im too kool and u told me to

    haha i prob got 0 right šŸ˜€ go me

  • but billy black get to be with jacob all the time.. so i think he’s a lucky one

  • 1) wrong
    2) that was the answer i was looking for
    3) wrong
    4) sorry he looked very appealing on SOC (to a wombat)
    5) correct, but it is still a kool car
    6) wrong, she can only marry Jacob
    7) wrong
    8) YES!!!
    9) YYEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wow Katie, you know this stuff better than i do, except for the Paul Kelly album, witch i saved up for and bought at JB hifi… šŸ˜›

  • wow, 8) thats a smiley with sunnies, its supposed to be 8 ) if you diddn’t under stand…

  • Sams Quiz 3
    1) Who is the lead singer of led zepplin?
    2) What is the name of Bella’s daughter?
    3) What is the colour of Gabes new Guitar? (even i don’t know this one)
    4) Is Claire AWESOME for lending me a Breaking Dawn?
    5) What is the name of the bald umbilical brother?
    6) What is the Capital City of Tasmania
    7) Which is better, the Aston Martin DB9, or the Aston Martin Vantage?
    Sorry Guys no prize even if you do get a 110% unless you want a Tasmainian Devil…

  • 1)dunno, but he’s not a bad singer
    2)she has a daughter?
    3)you’ll just have to find out won’t u guys!!! mwahahaha =) *evil smile*
    4)Claire was awesome even before she lent u Breaking Dawn so yes
    5)who cares!!! they suck!!!
    6)hobart, you idiot, who in their right mind doesn’t know that (americans lol =P)
    7)aston martin DB9 fo’ shiz bro
    the only reason i’m doin this is coz i’m bored but i still want a prize!!!

  • 1) don’t know
    2) renesmee
    3) brown
    4)yes she sure is…. how far u trough it sam??
    5) i don’t know
    7) Aston Martin Vantage

    i want a prize sam……..

  • claire, when the day comes when you dont want a prize, i will look out the window, and i will see pigs flying, no really
    and i have finished Breaking Dawn, i finished it on sunday night, its pretty awesome, but i just want to read another one, i wish she chucked in about 20 other novels before she finished it with breaking dawn…

  • and Gabe, my dad is a chaplin, the only way i download music is off itunes, apart from that its JB hifi, or if im lucky, Dad has already bought it, like with Led Zepplin… šŸ˜€

  • Sams Quiz 3
    1) led zepplin…..? lol
    2) Renesme’
    3) red
    4) of course she is
    5)Shane! and they sooo dont suck gabe! they r the coolest ever!
    6) Hobart
    7) Aston Martin DB9 cuz it looks better
    I WANT A TASMAINIAN DEVIL!!! šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ im cool even if i get the all wrong

  • i think the vantage looks better, it looks like it will eat you up, where as the DB9 looks like it has massive eyes instead of head lights…

  • opps i diddnt mean Vantage, i mean DBS although it $100 000 more expensive than the others it does 0-100 in 4.3, where as the DB9 does 0-100 in 4.8…

  • okay answer time
    1) Jimmy Page, and he is a good singer
    2) Renesme ( awesome name)
    3) who knows
    4) Yes, She is mad
    5) Shane Dundas
    6) Hobart (no brainer)
    7) DBS is the best
    thnx guys!!!!!!

  • Ha ha in Quiz 2 Katherine was the only one to get the chromosomes question right … you silly ppl, study genetics, it is AWESOME!!!
    And Gabe, is your guitar electric then cuz it’s black? What brand is it? Do you have an amp?

  • Claire has decide to do her own quiz ……:), it will b good trust me…ok then

    1) what is the world record for womens 50 freestyle? (extra points if you know who owns it)
    2) what colour nail polish was claire wearing on sunday?
    3) which twilight character is Kellan Lutz the actor of?
    4) What is claires favourite colour?
    5) what languages can claire speak?
    6) how many pool entrances are left on claires entry card? (this is a hard one)
    7) Is a netball bigger then a volleyball?
    8) What musical instruments has claire ever played?
    9) Am i going to have a shower and wash my hair in 10 minutes?
    10) How many days of school has claire got left as of now? (now is 7:51pm on thursday 11th december 2008)
    11) is breaking dawn the best book in the twilight series?? (clue….the answer is yes)

    100% will get a prize i think, but i dont think anyone will get it…..

  • ok heres my answers.
    1. 22.7
    5.english, french
    8. piano

    did i get a prize? šŸ™‚

  • 1) ummmmm imma look at daniels and base mine on that… 23.somethin
    2)i want there… šŸ™ blue/green, or pinky
    4) pink..?
    5) french
    6) 3
    7) netball
    8) flute….? i dont know hun
    9) psshh i dont know…no
    10) from this thursday till next friday (including thursday but not including weekends) is 7
    11) yes it is, not a fan of the cheesy ending but yeaaa,,,,,,,, breaking dawn and twilight tie.

    i got 0% šŸ™‚ go me

  • ha ha ok …
    1) 23.97 seconds … and it’s Libby Trickett =)
    2) pink …?
    4) blue
    5) English lol and apparently french or some anyway, i don’t know if you’re fluent or not …
    6) 8
    7) yeees…. i think =P
    8) piano … possibly flute or violin … hmmm …
    9) it depends when the ten minutes was …
    10) 7
    11) HECK NO!!!!! It was terrible Claire … stupid happy ending … I have a really good debate about this if you wanna hear it =P

    kk … now answers, Claire?

  • i cant be bothered checking everyones individual answers…so here are the correct ones… check for yourself.

    1) 23.97 seconds, Lisbeth Tricket
    2) Turquoise
    3) Emmet
    4) Turquoise…and purple is an acceptable answer aswell, its my second favourite.
    5) English, and not fluent, but some french
    6) 3
    7) i dont even know, i think they r the same size though, im prety sure.
    8) Piano, Violin
    10) 3
    11) Yes

    there you go…all the answers
    erin has got the most correct i think but only because she got the 1st question bonus point

  • to answer erins question… i have a black fender strat mexican, i have a roland cube 30 watt and i love both of them… i also have a lead, strap and gig bag, and wammy

  • And you’re saying your THIRTY watt amp has not very good sound????? How could it not, it’s 30 watts!!

  • Sams Quiz 4
    ok guys this is a real quiz, NOT A CHEAP COPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    no really, claire ill give you a couple of tips, make the questions answerable, but on the whole it was a pretty solid quiz, and on that note time to begin
    1)what is the name of the D.J in the childrens program “Yo Gabba Gabba”?
    2)What is Jonathan’s middle name?
    3)Cracked Pepper?
    4)What Program is Ninja Handyman in?
    5)What is Sams record for eating 10 weet bix
    6)Who is the Bass player for the “Red Hot Chilli Peppers” (his nickname will do)
    7)How long does it take for one of Albus Dumbledors moustache hairs to go off prior to consumption?
    8) does Mr. Twit have a beard?
    9)Why did the Chicken cross the road
    10)Who won the 2008 slam dunk contest?(he plays for Orlando) ( )

  • And Erin, Watts is just power, not sound quality for sound quality and loudness it is the speaker and the size of the Amp box, and besides 30 watts isn’t that much 250 on the other hand is very good šŸ˜€

  • well my amp’s only 15 watt and it’s got good sound…. whatever sam :p
    Anyways I’m doing your quiz out of sheer boredom (and if I get off the computer I have to clean my room…)

    1) Lance Rock
    2) I don’t remember but I think it starts with M
    3) What the -?
    4) NINJA HANDYMAN! Belongs in Planet Sketch!!! (yes, bonus points for me :P)
    5) ha ha dunno, probably like a minute =P
    6) Flea
    7) 20 seconds lol
    8 ) yes
    9) To .. umm … get to the other side -?
    10) was it Dwight Howard???

    chyeah check out all my points……….

  • 1)d.j.lance
    4)planet sketch
    8)yes he keeps his food in it!!! lol
    9)to get to the other side!!!
    10)dwight howard

    i bet i got 110%!!!!

  • my quiz was better then that one anyway sam……

    i dont know any of those answers apart from the ninja handyman one

  • 1)i dont know, but thats a funny/random show
    2) ha, i dont know…
    3)salted peanuts
    4)no idea
    5) 1 min
    6) chucky šŸ˜› baha
    8 yes
    9)cuz he can
    10) cbb looking at it

  • 1)NO IDEA
    4)the ninja handyman show?
    5)10 weet bix
    6)The flea?
    7)who cares?


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