167 thoughts on “SOC 2008 Canoe Race

  • Sams Quiz…. (don’t ask for a prize, i don’t even know the correct answers)
    1)Whats a canoe?
    2)How many fingers am i holding up?
    3)who is bored enough to do this?

  • Sams Quiz

    1) ca·noe (k-n)
    A light, open, slender boat that has pointed ends and is propelled by paddles.
    v. ca·noed, ca·noe·ing, ca·noes
    To carry or send by canoe.
    To travel in or propel a canoe.

    2) Four

    3) Ummm … Erin is. :p

  • sorry Claire, no prize for you

    or anyone really

    except me

    with my Cadbury dream chocolate (white 🙂 )

    that i got in a Cadbury favorites box

    that was made in Australia

    and Erin do you speak in the 3rd person much?

    “In fact, Erin was so bored she googled the definition of canoe just because….”

    weird :p

  • and i was not holding up any fingers
    i was typing
    (Sam quietly chuckles to himself)
    yes Erin i can do it to

  • whats a personification?
    (where you give an inanimate the characteristic of something living)
    (yes i know what it means)
    i couldn’t resist the opportunity to be stupid

  • don’t worry sam theres nothing wrong with jumping at oppurtunitys to be stupid, well at least most of the time…

  • lol i told you i was bored sam … dont question the strange things I do under the influence of boredom …. and no i dont often peak of myself in thrid person, i find it rather annoying ….

  • Gabe thinks this conversation is priceless… he also is regretting the fact that he missed it… =)

  • hey gabe where were u n sunday??? we missed you!! cuz you left early from church and didnt talk to us grr 🙁 …….. nah its ok :p

  • Hey Erin, I had to run after church because we had to take Christine back to the home and i didn’t make it to youth coz i had to go with my brother to St barnabas…

    speaking of that, last night was the first time my brother has been to church for nearly 3 years!!! (YAY!!!) and he really liked it and so did I… so yeah…
    and i missed you too Erin =’)

  • yay that sounds so awesome Gabe!!
    Erin i completely agree with you…i do some very strange things when im under the influence of Boredom…as i am a freaky amount of the time
    i get bored to easily…totally sucks lol
    unless when im with you guys of course 😉
    and Sam….deary me
    what are we going to do with you? 😛

  • thanks guys… i’m leaving for pine bluff in less than a week so this sunday will be my last salt for a while ='(… and beth, you should bring that hair straightener this sunday or something, it will b hilarious…

  • mmm hairstraightener,,,,,sound interesting……i get bored a lot too….lol

    and sam…..I WANT THAT PRIZE!!!

  • Sam, doesn’t find speaking in the 3rd person annoying, he actually finds it quite humorous, and Claire your prize is


    A hair Straightener

    and if anyone gets bored, read a book,
    my friends are always saying to me
    “Sam why don’t you go read a book”
    and so i do 🙂

  • please excuse me as i am about to read a book,
    don’t be offended it’s just loads more interesting than this conversation with myself.
    (Sams soft side)
    Sam if you go i dont think i will ever be able to see you again…
    (Sams side that just wants to read all day)
    Its ok, just write a book about yourself


    another strange thing that happens when you type under the influence of boredom…

    lol 😀

  • Gabe is full of confusion after Jordon’s inane remark about claire being a hair straightener…

  • Sam thinks you should be in class gabe,
    but he is also bored now that he has finished his book,
    with no chance of acquiring the sequel until tomorrow,

    funny how Sam can speak in the 3rd person and be thinking two things at once, Sam must have some kind of gift…

  • patrick thinks that he should get his hair straightened on sunday =P
    patrick also agrees with sam about 3rd person speaking

  • Sam thinks that hair straightening isn’t a bad idea
    but you will never catch Sam doing it 🙂

  • I think i am going to start a fight,
    Jordan style
    i know the refined art of starting a fight jordan style

    Claire (note my selection of target)
    (note how i am now aiming for the “two birds with one stone” approach)
    Katie (note my correct spelling… i think…)

    your a 3rd person

    geddit, 3 people
    third peson

    another strange thing that happens when you type under the influence of boredom…


  • Gabe is asking daniel about if the forgiven wolves will be playing at the newtown baptist church and asking why…

  • Sam is saying hi to jordan, and sorry,
    for using your misunderstood yet beautiful art form
    Sam hopes you can forgive him

    Sam hopes that Claire, Beth, and Katie
    can forgive him also, your not really a 3rd person

    and Daniel I AM REALLY BORED,
    so bored i am going to make some toast…
    yes toast…

    maybe with some vegimite…

    which is incredibly SALTy…


  • Gabe is happy that he has played WoW for the first time in nearly a YEAR!!!

    and Gabe is aware that now that i have mentioned that game on the website i am THE official nerd of salt… hence, it is the sacrifice i make…

  • dont wory sam….i still love you even though you said i was 3rd person

    and thanks for the hairstarigtener even though i have straigh hair already 😛

  • Kristen thinks this is the randomest conversation to appear on the Salt website (yet) and is wondering who will win the american election and is wondering what will happen to her copy of twilight now that Dan left it in the youth room. Oh, and she also doesn’t think Gabe is the offical salt nerd, but that he is actually rather spiffing old chap. She also thinks she should be doing something else instead of writing comments in third person on the Salt website. And she is wondering how she will get to the newtown festival now that her mum has said she is unable to drop her there.. hmmmmm

  • Oh and is also wondering what all these comments have to do with the canoe race. We’re a bunch of random chickadees arn’t we?

  • Gabe is thanking Kristen for that compliment and wondering why erin hasn’t been on the site for a while, since she has proven to be the addict…

  • i want to come to the newtown festival aswell but i dont know any details about it ….so someone tell me pleaseee……..and yeh what wrong with loving sam gabe?

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