167 thoughts on “SOC 2008 Canoe Race

  • well guys the newtown festival is at newtown, forgiven wolves will be playing outside newtown baptist for a while from 12:30 for a while. everbody come its going to be awesome…

  • your welcome Claire,
    i know you were saving up for a new hair straightener so i thought i would just lash out and make that your prize.
    would you love me more if my name was Edward? or if my skin sparkled in sunlight?

    sorry, its not going to happen.

  • no cause u remind me of jacob…..but i still love u even though jacob is a bum……

    but if u sparkled in the sun that would be nice also 😛

  • im too old to be jacob, and he has hair like patrick,
    i remind myself of Alice

  • YOU READ TWILIGHT??????????? yay good boy i dont know any guys who have read it yet….u are the first and i think alice is definatly your long lost cousin…….
    oh and jacob is like 16 or 17 in the last book so thats what u remind me of….not the tiny 12 year old jacob

    lol xx

  • wow, this 3rd person stuff is really weirding me out! and Alice sam?!?! Alice is supposed to be really short! but i guess you can be like her if i can be Roselie! except that i’m way nicer!! :p and to join the third person thing, gaylene thinks that her comments should get posted up in pink!!

  • you wish it could be in pink gaylene. although that would be pretty cool… hope you can do that in the chatroom…

  • there’s some pink for you gaylene!
    If you want to post in ping just write this bit of code before your sentence:

    and then at the end write this bit of code:

  • problem is… when I write the code it becomes code…
    let’s try again. But I can’t actually write the full code because of the above reason… so just add this bracket < at the beginning and this bracket > at the end… see if it works.
    The first bit of code is:
    span style=”color: #ff00ff;”
    and the end bit is:
    both need the brackets

  • you guys are not doing a very good job of the 3rd person stuff
    Sam thinks that some punishment is in order
    Sam thinks that the next person to not speak in the 3rd person will have me to answer to, unless its Mike, or someone bigger than Sam, or someone smaller than Sam(including Alice who is my second cousins room-mate twice removed on my mothers side, who isn’t long, but possibly lost). So Sam thinks anyone who is as big as him should speak in the 3rd person or look out!

    no really look out


  • Jordon thinks gaylene thinks shes superfishal (not quite sure wat that means entierly) and superior than the rest for writing in pink.

    well let me tell u something, I FIND WRITING IN BLACK JUST FINE FOR ME!.

    wateva happened to black white and shades of grey.

    na im acting like a tool i’ll stop don’t worry.

  • claire thnks that she is just as old as sam (definatly not as big though), so claire shouldn’t have to be writing in 3rd person, and im going to try to get this code thing to work for my comment…here goes

  • woe to every one who doesn’t speak in the 3rd person.
    If you are having trouble speaking in the 3rd person, just copy:
    Sam, Alice, Emmet, Emmet’s Jeep, and Sam’s Minions, Sam’s Thugs and Sam’s Ninjas.
    Yes Sam has Ninjas

  • well im going to sleep… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • he did’t use the right brackets …. and i’m not in bed it’s 9:05 and i’m still here … lol then again i wasn’t here before when the rest of you were … I was at work 🙁
    hmm writing in pink sounds fun, let me try …

  • hey sam is still here!! dont leave sammy!!! lol
    pink did not work let me try again …
    pink?? is it coming???

  • nooo darn it no pink. what am I doing wrong? the code is obviously right because it is not appearing when the comment comes up, but then there is not pink … sad ….

  • You’ve got to put the big bit of code (with brackets either end <>) at the start, then write your comment. Then write /span with the brackets either end.
    try that

  • hey thanks Mike!!!
    ok’ gaylene’s goin to try the pink thing, how cool will she be if it actually works for her!!

  • oh bummer!! maybe gaylene’s not as cool as she thinks she is! oh well, everyone will just have to imagine her comment’s are in pink!! and she will actually get mike to show her how to properly when she gets back to syd.

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