X3 Watch accountability on the net

Internet Accountability Software:

Here is some free accountability software to download for your computer. It’s called x3watch and it’s from a Christian ministry called x3church. There is also a “pro”version of x3watch which you can pay for, but the free version will do the job. The software works by alerting an accountability partner if you visit a morally questionable website. When you install the software it will ask you to enter 1 or 2 email addresses of friends who will be your accountability partners, and they will be the ones who get the email if or when you visit a porn site. You should choose friends who you trust to be your accountability partners.

Download here.x3watch accountability software

Please tell your parents before installing this software on the family computer because this software will report anyone who uses the computer, which means your accountability partners will recieve emails for anyone in the family who visits a questionable site.

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